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Family Dentistry

If you are the parent of young children, chances are their oral health is just one of many, many things on your mind.

As a family dental practice in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we know all about the importance of introducing your children to a strong, consistent home-based oral care routine from an early age, and bringing them to their first dental visit when they’re young.

You’ve likely been told time and time again about the importance of regular dental visits in achieving and maintaining excellent oral health. You also likely know people who are nervous about dental visits. Some are even nervous enough to skip their visits altogether. Regular visits with your family dentist in Richmond Hill give you the best chance of catching small problems that are easy to fix, before they develop into big problems that require more invasive, and expensive, interventions. The same is true for children and their teeth.

One way to encourage your child to grow into an adult that prioritizes oral health and seeks regular dental care is to get them used to regular dental visits starting at an early age. Early childhood dental visits show your child that this is just a regular part of their healthcare maintenance routine, and that the dentist’s office is not somewhere to fear.

As the father of two young daughters, Dr. Yuan knows how to treat children in a way that makes them comfortable and puts them at ease.

Your entire family will be treated with the utmost in care and comfort by the team at Yonge Star Dental. If you’re ready to take the next step towards quality, consistent dental health care for you and your children, call and make an appointment at Yonge Star Dental today.

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