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Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent solution for patients who are looking to replace one or more missing teeth. The implant itself is a permanent metal post that is surgically embedded into the jawbone, acting as a replacement for roots of a tooth. Once an implant is inserted, the dentist at Yonge Star Dental will discuss with you the amount of time the implant will take to heal, then schedule an appointment to have a crown built and installed. It is the crown that will be visible, mimicking the look and function of your natural tooth or teeth.

There are many benefits to dental implants, including:

  1. Dental implants are permanent. If your dental implants are properly cared for, they can last a lifetime.
  2. Dental implants are surgically embedded into the jawbone, so they won’t move around at all, making it easy to eat, drink, chew and speak as normal.
  3. Dental implants can save you from needing a root canal. Your implant acts as a replacement for the root of a tooth, and a damaged tooth root can weaken the bone of the jaw. By embedding dental implants directly into the jawbone, having an implant installed is helping preserve the strength and longevity of the jawbone.
  4. Dental implants replace a missing tooth in a way that looks exactly like your natural teeth, making you look and feel younger and more confident.
  5. Dental implants don’t impact the other teeth in your mouth, unlike bridges or other tooth replacement alternatives. This means that dental implants do not have a negative impact on the natural around it, which makes it easy to carry on with the brushing and flossing that makes up your oral hygiene routine.

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to discuss your options, including dental implants, call the team at Yonge Star Dental today. We’ll assess the current state of your oral health and develop a treatment plan that suits your needs.

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